UUCM-1 Universal Ultrasonic Sweet Cutting Machine
UUCM-1 Universal Ultrasonic Sweet Cutting Machine


  • Power Supply : Single Phase -240v/50Hz
  • Max Power Consumption : 1.5kw
  • Machine Size : 1300L*1250W*2000H mm
  • Round Cake Size : Maximum 400 mm Dia
  • Table Size : Squ , Rec ,Triangle and Diamond 600 mm (23.6”) x 400 mm (15.8”)
  • Cutting Speed : Min 10 cut / min, Max 60 cut/ Min
  • Carriage Speed : Min 3 M/ min , Max 25 M/min
Safety Features:
  • Protected with hand safety guard and alarm
  • Pneumatic Pressure Switch Safety and alarm
  • Covered try Safety and alarm
  • Metal Tray Safety and alarm
  • Open tray Safety and alarm
  • Ultrasonic Over temperate Safety and alarm
  • Ultrasonic Error Safety and alarm
Special Features:
  • Cutting Shapes ,Round ,Square ,Rectangular ,Triangular ,Diamond, Half Diamond Mound and Polygon.
  • Best cutting Result with nuts and fruits
  • Machine able to cut inside the metal and paper trays,(With conditional)
  • German Made ULTRASONIC Systems
  • This Machine Equipped with Ultrasonic Titanium Cutting Blade with 305 mm Long
  • Self-Cleaning Systems , equipped with Water and Air
  • Pneumatic dry air required for ultrasonic cooling and blade cleaning
  • 1.5KW single Phase Power is enough to run the machine
    • This machine well controlled Mitsubishi Systems for Smooth function
    • X Axis Servo Motor
    • Y Axis Servo Motor
    • Z Axis Servo Motor
    • Rotary Axis Servo Motor
  • 70 Recipes can save inside machine, Fast 4 type of medium speed ( soft ,Very soft ,hard and very hard ) selection mode on each recipes
    • Each Medium Has following Speeds for Quick and smoothFuction
    • Rapid for empty cutting space
    • Very smooth Cream Cutting
    • Effective cake cutting speeds
    • Rabid Return Speed
  • Less maintenance
  • Cutting Speed 10 to 60 cut per minute can achieve ( in pneumatic machine Speed 20 to 30 cut per minute only can do)
  • Best Result With Frozen Food ( Limit -20° to +50°) Like Cheese, Ice cream cakes , Mysore pak , Halva, Soan Papdi , And Other Milk Sweets ,Candy’s, Chocolate bar& Meat Pies & Fish
  • Very user friendly touch screen Programs, (image based)
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