Cookies Dropper
Cookies Dropper

Technical Feature

  • Adjustable speed and time of depositing rollers
  • Adjustable speed of rotation of nozzles
  • Automatic advancement of tray
  • Computerized height adjustable conveyor belt
  • Complete sets of nozzles free of cost
  • Single person opertion or continous cycle mode
  • Anti slip conveyor belt in order to ensure the precise position of cookies on the tray
  • Adjustments for number of biscuits to be deposited per tray
  • tolerate varying power supply conditions
  • The entire wiring of the machine is done on international standard in R, Y , B coding and marking
  • Machines available for single or three phase supply as per requirement.
  • Multi layered and conical shaped cookies
  • Sponge cake and cup cake depositing
  • Servo drive controls for high speed and accurancy
  • Tip conrol mechanism
  • Hole in centre of cookies for high depositing filling jam etc.
  • Assorted cookies by the same nozzle in a single tray
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