Manual Ear Loop Welding Machine- N95 & 3 Ply Mask Auto Rotation
Manual Ear Loop Welding Machine- N95 & 3 Ply Mask Auto Rotation

Product Description:           

 The special alloy steel material is made of flower wheel, the welding head is resistance to

damage and has a long life. Colour paper and gold foil paper can be added, and the colour

printing and bronzing functions can be achieved under pressure. The flower wheel is easy

to replace and the various flower wheels can be replaced according to customer needs.

No preheating is required for welding, and welding operation can be carried out continuously.

Multiple sets can be combined into a dedicated machine to complete products with larger width

at one moment. No smoke or sparks during processing, no damages to fabric edges and burrs

can also be avoided. Simple mechanical operation and easy maintenance. Use 20KHz low

noise supersonic waves to prevent noise interference. Disposable mask ear wire welding

machine is made by ultrasonic heating and special steel wheel pressure, and the welding is reliable.

Technical Specification:

  • Production : 25-30 Pcs/min
  • Motor Power : 2000 Kw
  • Ultrasonic Frequency : 20 Hz
  • Machine Weight :  100 Kg
  • Dimension(LxWxH) : 870*500*1420 mm 
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